Companion Plants

Looking for ideas on how to use Plant Select® Petites?  Click on the links to other Plant Select® plants, or learn more about additional great garden plants listed below:

For Geranium dalmaticum Dalmatian pink cranesbill:

For Iris hookeri dwarf beach-head iris:

For Pinus edulis `Farmy’/`Trinidad’ dwarf pinyon pine:

for Scott’s sugarbowls:

for Sandia coralbells:

  • Golden storksbill (Erodium chrysanthum)
  • Mountain lover (Paxistima canbyi)
  • Snowmass phlox (Phlox bifida)
  • Hens and chicks (Sempervivum spp)-beloved hardy succulents with cute rosettes and in unusual shades
  • Voodoo red creeping sedum (Sedum, Phedimus spurium)—a popular low-growing red-leaved succulent with rose-pink flower clusters
  • Carpathian bellflower (Campanula carpatica) – an adaptable, large-flowered little bluebell, comes in blue or white

for Oxlip primrose

  • Corsican violet (Viola corsica)
  • Snow Angel coral bells (Heuchera sanguinea)
  • Waxflower (Jamesia americana)
  • Carol Mackie daphne (Daphne xburkwoodii `Carol Mackie’ )
  • Lungwort (Pulmonaria saccharata) —a shade-lover with silver-spotted foliage and nodding blue bells in spring
  • Chocolate Chip dwarf bugleweed (Ajuga tenori) —a slow spreader with scalloped bronze foliage and rich blue flower spikes in spring

Companion Plants for Permanent Outdoor Containers and Troughs 

A. For sun and average water in hot-summer climates (or to water less, shield from hot afternoon sun); more xeric in cool-summer climates:

  • Allium cyaneum
  • Aquilegia flabellata `Nana’, `Pumila’
  • Armeria trojana
  • Dianthus arvernensis `Alba’, D. freynii
  • Dodecatheon pulchellum
  • Draba spp.
  • Geranium dalmaticum
  • Iberis saxatilis
  • Leucanthemum atlanticum
  • Penstemon davidsonii `Microphyllus’, P. procerus ssp. formosus, P. rupicola
  • Phlox kelseyi `Lemhi Purple’, `Midnight’
  • Polemonium pulcherrimum
  • Vitaliana primuliflora

B. For sun and dry conditions:

  • Aloinopsis spathulata
  • Alyssum stribryni
  • Aquilegia scopulorum
  • Arenaria alfacarensis, A. hookeri `Wallowa Mountains’
  • Calandrinia umbellata
  • Convolvulus compactus
  • Delosperma basuticum, D. `White Nugget’, D. sphalmanthoides
  • Degenia velebitica
  • Erigeron compositus `Red Desert’, E. elegantulus
  • Eriogonum caespitosum, E. douglasii, E. ovalifolium, E. umbellatum ssp. porteri
  • Iris pumila, I. taurica
  • Penstemon aridus,  P. caespitosus, P. hallii, P. humilis, P. laricifolius, P. purpusii, P. teucrioides, P. thompsonii
  • Phlox alyssifolia, P. andicola, P. austromontana, P. caespitosa, P. condensata, P. muscoides, P. opalensis, P. pulvinata, P. pungens
  • Talinum brevifolium, T. calycinum, T. spinescens

C. For partly shaded  conditions (morning sun; all day shade in hot-summer climates)

  • Androsace sempervivoides
  • Edraianthus spp.
  • Gentiana acaulis, G. angustifolia
  • Heuchera abramsii, H. hallii
  • Hosta minima, H. venusta
  • Jovibarba spp.
  • Lewisia spp.
  • Orostachys spinosa
  • Primula auricula
  • Saxifraga spp.
  • Sempervivum spp.
  • Silene acaulis
  • Telesonix jamesii

D.  Hardy compact cacti

  • Echinocereus coccineus, E. fendleri, E. reichenbachii, E. reichenbachii  var. baileyi, E. reichenbachii var. albispinus, E. russanthus var. weedinii,  E. triglochidiatus, E. xroetteri
  • Coyphantha sulcata
  • Escobaria koenigii var. orcuttii, E. leei, E. missouriensis, E. sneedii, E. vivipara
  • Opuntia fragilis hybrids and selections, `Peter Pan’
  • Pediocactus simpsonii

E. Small hardy specimen plants

  • Abies concolor `Charming Chub’
  • Abies koreana `Silberperle’
  • Agave gracilipes, A. neomexicana `Sunspot, A. parryi, A. utahensis
  • Chanaecyparis obtusa `Ellie B.’, `Gnome’, `Golden Sprite’, `J.R.’, `Nana’
  • Cotoneaster dammeri  `Tom Thumb’, C. microphyllus var. thymifolius
  • Juniperus chinensis `Echiniformis’
  • Juniperus horizontalis `Blue Pygmy’
  • Picea abies `Thumbelina’
  • Pice glauca `Elf’, `Pixie Dust’
  • Picea pungens `St. Mary’s Broom’
  • Pinus leucodermis `Smidtii’
  • Pinus mugo `Donna’s Mini’, Mitsch Mini’, `Moppet’
  • Tsuga canadensis `Abbott’s Pygmy’, `Betty Rose’, `Minuta’
  • Ulmus parvifolia `Seiju’

Thanks to Lauren Springer Ogden for providing these lists.

Garden treasures
for small spaces

Plant Select® Petites  debuts well-adapted, smaller plants that have not yet been readily available to gardeners. Enjoy these treasures in garden situations where small gem-like but tough plants are best suited: troughs, permanent containers, rock gardens, patio gardens, fairy gardens, green roofs, and smaller gardens.